BUSINESS CONSULTANT GROUP FOR PRODUCTIVITY AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP works under the figure of the Corporation by attending multidisciplinary team of SAS BUSINESS CONSULTING GROUP

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The GCE corporation was created on July 6, 2008 in order to contribute to development and entrepreneurship through mechanisms which promote respect, biodiversity, and coexistence with the social and natural environment that is presented in the implementation of activities of the companies.

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The GCE Corporation is a non-profit organization that seeks to develop a corporate conscience that tends good business and institutional practices that ensure sustainability and in turn, maximize productivity and quality.

The GCE Corporation develops projects in national and international contexts that contribute to improving the quality of life of humanity and its relation to social, cultural and environmental contexts.


The corporation is an entity that advises, designs, manages and executes projects with high standards of efficiency, effectiveness and impact whose purpose is to improve the quality of life from the productive sector environments, supported by the extensive experience of the team of CONSULTING GROUP BUSINESS.


The GCE corporation is projected for 2020 as the lead institution, recognized in the year to ensure a sustainable society for high productivity where quality of life is the center of development spaces.


Social Commitment:

GCE Corporation is committed to developing excellence projects that contribute to the sustainability of the productive sector and the quality of life of society.


The actions directed by the GCE corporation, are worthy role models, with the pillar compliance with all practices considered ethical within the execution of our projects, with the aim of create a climate of trust between the corporation and its allies GCE.


It will act in line with the provisions of the law and the international agreements on sustainable development and quality of life. Priority will be given to human dignity, environment and enterprise development.

Management Excellence:

GCE Corporation, under the patronage of BUSINESS CONSULTING GROUP, has a multidisciplinary team of professionals from all areas we work in teams and apply continuous improvement, with the purpose of providing comprehensive advice to sociocultural, environmental and corporate social responsibility projects.


We make proper use of resources, demonstrating the clarity of our processes through affordable reports.


We tend to encourage the implementation of industrial and service activities responsibly with the environment, taking into account compliance with legal regulations that shelters them. Similarly, we are responsible with the implementation of our commitments and project development corporation.

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The corporation develops projects in the following areas:


  • Promote the development of projects that consolidate and transform cultural practices towards improving the quality of life.
  • Manage projects that promote the proper use of leisure time, through the development of artistic, cultural, sports and recreational practice.
  • Encourage the implementation of initiatives to promote ownership, belonging and identity, as principles that make feasible the sustainability of any initiative.


  • Promote the development of CSR initiatives, which foster the improvement of the quality of life of the stakeholders / stakeholders.
  • Manage the development of integrated communications programs that improve productivity levels of firms.
  • Encourage the implementation of technology and innovative practices in the administration and management of business processes and institutions.


  • Promote the development of projects that nurture environmental awareness.
  • Manage projects of protection and animal welfare have been abandoned.
  • Encourage the development of projects to an appropriate and balanced use of natural resources.
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  • An image and a positive corporate reputation translate into effective business management and is also seen in satisfactory economic performance.
  • Attracts new investors.
  • Raise the quality of life of workers and their families.
  • Optimize labor skills.
  • Grants benefits and tax exemptions.

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